Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm back!!

I have been neglecting my blogger for weeks due to my two-week vacation in Buenos Aires & Chile, holidays, and other stuff. I have been toying with my new Mac and surfing net.

I hope to start posting science news again soon. At one point, I'd like to be more creative with my posts.

I just finished reading Nemesis by Asimov. I know that it's just a science fiction. Do you think that it's possible to travel at high speed in space? Will there be any device that allows the vessel travel as fast as light speed? In my own opinion, I don't think that it is possible even though the device is built with the vaccuum technology. No one would be able to invent this kind of device. I am almost certain that it's impossible to build the vessel to travel at high speed. If this device exists at other worlds where the aliens are more advanced, why haven't they come to visit here? To me, this is a science fiction!

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Anonymous said...

You have neglected your blog again! Tsk!

Who knew a man could walk on the moon? Anything is possible! We are getting smarter and smarter.. Maybe it is possible.

I don't believe aliens exist.