Sunday, March 9, 2008

NYT : Gauging Age of Universe Becomes More Precise

We are getting closer to reality. Before that, we got some different figures on age of universe. It was 10-20 billion years old. Now, the figure is 13.73 billion years old with 120 million years old more or less. Will future instruments be able to give us the exact age? It will probably become reality during our lifetime.

The new data suggested that the earliest stars switched on 400 million years after the Big Bang. Also, it took half a billion years to break apart all of the atoms.

Separately, In the past, I have pondered about the Big Bang theory and how this was created. What has happened before the Bang Big? Did the time start prior to the Big Bang or it actually started when the Big Bang occurred? WE will probably never know.

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Gauging Age of Universe Becomes More Precise

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