Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chasing Kangaroos

Last night, I read the New York Times article about a zoologist studying kangaroos. All so sudden, I become fascinated. As you know, kangaroos can be found in Australia. It's one of the most extraordinary species. Some 70 species make up the kangaroo family, which includes wallabies and rat kangaroos. The way kangaroo family evolved from another species is mysterious. I assume that one species migrated to Australia before the continental broke off from another. After the species became isolated, it evolved to kangaroos based on the climate, geography, and survival.

No need to fear, rat kangaroos and giant kangaroos have become extinct a long time ago. I'd love to see some kangaroos one day.

I'll add this book to my future reading list.

For further reading, click on the link below.

A Zoologist With a Pouch of Stories

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