Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hot Gas in Space Mimics Life

I just read an article about the new computer simulations shwoing the dancing dust particles "alive". In general, they are yet considered as life. The life is defined as the ability to metabolize and reproduce. This definition may make sense to you.

I have copied a paragraph so you can read a summary about plasma.

'Plasma is the fourth state of matter along with solids, liquids and gases. While unfamiliar to most people, plasma is the most common phase of matter in the universe. It's everywhere: Stars are luminous balls of plasma, and diffuse plasma pervades the space between stars. Plasma forms when gas becomes so hot that electrons are stripped from atomic nuclei, leaving behind a soup of charged particles.'

We should be see some future articles published about plasma in the future. The scientists will eventually understand this field better and reshape some theories.

For further reading, click on the link below.

Hot Gas in Space Mimics Life

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