Sunday, September 2, 2007

Book : The World Without Us

I just bumped into an article in The New York Times. There is a Book Review about a book called 'The World Without Us'. I find this review very interesting. I have thought about it numerous of time. The author's explanation seems very logical. I know that some of you would disagree with me on many areas but I'm going to post my own opinion as I see something plausible.

Life would eventually change after the mankind is nearly or completely wiped out. The destruction of civilization will certainly happen but nobody knows when and how it will happen.

What would happen to Manhattan after the catastrophe? For sure, it would look wholly different. Two days after the incident, the subway tunnels become flooded with water because nobody would be able to regulate the pump system. The skyscrapers would collapse because nobody would do any repair work. The river would occupy Manhattan.

This is not a pleasant thought. However, this book can be a valuable tool for us so that we can try to deal with issues such as the sudden global warming, nuclear crisis, and other areas.

If the mass extinction does happen, everything will start all over again. Our planet would recover with some things left behind by us. The species would become wild again. The carbon dioxide level would become normal again 100,000 years later. If a fraction of Homo sapiens survive, it would be challenging for them to rebuild the civilization but they would struggle for a long time. As the article said, life will go on with or without us. The species will keep evolving gradually based on survival, weather, and competition.

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