Saturday, September 8, 2007

NYT : When the Moon Was a Matter of Pride

The New York Times' Science Section has an article about the documentary film called "In the Shadow of the Moon." In that film, you will find the history of the journey to the Moon. Unfortunately, Neil Armstrong wasn't included in the film. It's due to the fact that he is a very private man.

The amazing thing is that Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, & Mike Collins made an excursion that no human being has done. Even though Mike stayed in the orbit, this was a special event. They were not just representing the United Sates, they were representing the world. Of course, there were several other manned flights to the Moon after Apollo 11's achievement.

I have read the book called First Man, an authorized biography of Neil Armstrong and I enjoyed the book. I would probably enjoy the documentary film despite to Neil Armstrong's absence.

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