Wednesday, September 26, 2007

October 4, 1957

Almost 50 years ago, something has changed the world dramatically. The launching of Sputnik has stunned many people, especially the Americans who have witnessed or listened to the event. It did make the difference.

Homer H. Hickam, author of "Rocket Boys", has become more famous after the movie "October Sky" was played in theaters. He was awed when he witnessed the orbit of Sputnik floating around Earth.

The space race has started instantly. Even though Russians were first in many things, the United States managed to be the first to send men to the Moon.

What has been done was a great achievement. Hickman and other people have played significant roles in helping our country to become involved with the space program.

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Actually, the author's name is Homer Hickam, not Hickman. His website can be found at

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